Hoffman™ boiler feed units are used to return condensate to the boiler.  Applications include residential, commercial, and industrial steam heating and processing, dry cleaning plants, chemical refineries, wood  pulp and paper processing, textile mills, and manufacturing facilities. Stock Units
  • Rated for 210°F (99°C) condensate
  • Available from 2,160,000 BTU/hr (2250 lbm/hr stm) to 9,600,000 BTU/hr (10,000 lbm/hr stm) sizes
  • Available in Simplex and Duplex configuration
  • Heavy gauge steel receiver with HoffGuard™ corrosion resistance coating for longer life
  • Easily fits through standard 32” (813mm) door  for trouble-free installation
Built to Order Units
  • Three phase motors applications
  • Tri-volt motors with control panels
  • Alternate duty points are available by special request (consult factory)
Series HV™ Vacuum heating units to provide fast, even distribution of steam throughout steam heating systems. Simplex or Duplex designs with discharge pressures up to 40 psi. Series HV units are available through 20,000 sq. ft. EDR and Series HV units from 25,000 to 65,000 sq. ft. EDR. Both feature compact, economical designs with low inlets and cast iron receivers. For older systems, Special Capacity units are available to provide more air removal capacity.   Series VC™ Large vacuum heating units to provide fast, even distribution of steam through steam heating systems. These units feature individually sized and separately controlled air and water pumps to permit maximum flexibility in meeting requirements. Simplex, Semi-Duplex, and Duplex units for systems throughout 150,000 sq. ft. EDR with discharge pressures to 75 psi. Durable cast iron receivers are available in four sizes to accurately match system requirements.