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From the world’s tallest buildings to its driest places, Xylem - Applied Water Systems brands provide solutions to keep the water flowing, while sustainably managing our most precious resource.

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University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide’s innovative water usage

Challenge: The University of Adelaide’s new Ingkarni Wardli building recently became the first in Australia to receive the coveted ‘6 Star Green Star Education’ building rating from the Green Building Council of Australia. The award-winning building incorporates a variety of innovative environmental features designed to save energy, use renewable resources and keep students comfortable year

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Xylem recycled water system helps solve vegetable-washing

Located on the Adelaide Plains of southern Australia, the Piscioneri Brothers’ vegetable-washing plant is modernizing how commercial washing companies use water. On the world’s driest continent, water conservation is a challenge, but with the help of Xylem AWS’s cutting-edge water recycling system, more than 60,000 liters of water can now be recirculated throughout the Piscioneri

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Vogel Hits Gold In Western Australia

Australia’s gold mining industry began in 1851, significantly increasing the country’s population within a few years. As the world’s second largest producer of gold, and a major player in the extraction of iron ore, nickel, opal and zinc, mining remains one of Australia’s primary industries. Dewatering is an important part of the mining industry in

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Making Cheap, Green Fuel a Reality

Standard Xchange heat exchangers are part of a cool new technology that turns waste products and cheap feedstock into homemade ethanol fuel for cars. The MicroFueler (left) lets homeowners and small businesses turn feedstock like cheap sugar into clean-burning ethanol fuel, using Standard Xchange heat exchangers (right). The MicroFueler from E-Fuel looks like a typical gas

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Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago is one of the premier medical facilities in the country. It comes as no surprise that only the best partners would be invited to construct the hospital’s new location, the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.


Xylem AC Fire burn demo

Xylem and its ACFire brand host an accredited day of classroom and hands-on fire pump training for Chicago Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau Inspectors.  The side-by-side live burn of 2 mocked-up home living rooms–one equipped with a home fire sprinkler system, and the other with only smoke alarms–was a new feature of this year’s training,

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Vogel Pumps Help Quench Thirst

A country perched on a beautiful coastline just across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, Montenegro has been experiencing a steady growth in both tourism and population following the Bosnian War in the mid 1990s. However, this increased popularity has also placed increased demand on their fresh water supply. This is especially true during the summer

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Vogel Pumps Connect Catalonian Communities to Clean Water

On the coast of Catalonia a significant water delivery project was commissioned by Aigües Ter Llobregat (ATLL), a public organisation with responsibility for supplying water to Barcelona and eight surrounding regions. A system was developed to deliver water from the Tordera desalination plant to an inland water treatment plant at Ter, branching off to towns

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Ice cold: transforming a football stadium into an ice stadium

The force of cold, along with Xylem Lowara pumps, has produced artificial ice for the World Ice Hockey Championships. Country of reference: Germany The opening game of the World Championships was held on 7th May 2010 between the host team of Germany and the United States in the Veltins Arena at Gelsenkirchen, which was transformed

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Rodeo’s demands for irrigation and feeding

Agriculture is by far the largest user of water – up to 70% of all fresh water consumption is for irrigation. Water has many other agricultural purposes such as washing stations, misters, or drinking water for livestock. In fact, horses consume up to 15 gallons of water per day. At the Everett Bowman Arena in

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